Angélique Pairault (32)

A mountain and travel enthusiast, I practice several outdoor sports such as hiking, cycling, mountaineering, ski touring etc… I love going on long treks and living like a nomad, meeting new people and travelling all over the globe. 

Angélique with one of the nuns from Rongbuk monastery, Tibet, 2009

Angélique with one of the nuns from Rongbuk monastery, Tibet, 2009

I am a geologist for Schlumberger, and lucky to have a job that leaves me a lot of free time. I have devoted most of my travels to the Himalayan region (Ladakh, Nepal, Tibet and Kashmir) which I discovered in 2003 during a trip to Nepal as a volunteer to teach English in a school. I have been fascinated by the Himalaya since then and in 2009 I travelled 5 months solo from Beijing to Delhi. This was a very rewarding trip on a human and spiritual level and it also gave me the opportunity to climb several 6000m+ peaks.

In the meantime I have also wandered in Patagonia, in the Rocky Mountains, and more recently in Africa (Atlas, Hoggar and Kilimanjaro). You can read more about my travels on my blog.

Vincent Lagarde (32)

I am a mechanical engineer for Eurocopter. In my free time I practice a variety of mountain sports: mountain biking, paragliding, skiing, trekking and climbing. I have been on treks in many parts of the world: Canada, Norway, Alaska, Morocco, Mauritania, Reunion Island, Argentina, Nepal, Peru and Kirghizstan.

Vincent with a local family in Peru, 2009

Vincent with a local family in Peru, 2009

I like authenticity and simplicity, and to overcome challenges. But those challenges are prepared! In this case in order to succeed in our next journey, I have undertaken first aid training and I am currently learning Spanish and Russian.
Angélique and I cycled around Switzerland last summer: more than 800km with mountain passes over 2000m and gradients up to 15%. By the end of our tour in Switzerland the choice of recumbent bicycles became obvious: our bottoms didn’t want to suffer for a year the way they just had on upright bicycles…

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