Open up to the world…

We, Angélique and Vincent, are a couple fond of travels and wide-open spaces, looking for encounters and adventure. Our departure is planned for September 2012 for a 15 month long trip on recumbent bicycles!

Our goal: pedal along the Andes from Ecuador to the tip of South America along the Andes, and then along the old Silk Road from Ankara to Delhi across Central Asia, i.e. about 18000km and 14 countries.

This journey will give us the opportunity to open up our vision at the contact of new cultures and different ways of life. We would like a maximum of people to also benefit from this experience; therefore we will share our adventure via this blog.

Cycling will enable us to travel close to the local population and to be independent at the same time. Apart from carrying our food and shelter, and in order to give a greater meaning to our journey, we will also carry a message.

… and carry a message into schools : sustainable development

Before leaving, we will create partnerships with middle classes (CE2) in primary schools from our community in and around Ensuès la Redonne. We will meet the pupils and collect their impressions about our way of life in France by means of videos and drawings.

Our departure in September 2012 will coincide with the start of the new school year (CM1), and during our trip we will visit schools in traditional villages along our way. French pupils will be able to share their points of view on the topic of sustainable development with pupils from around the globe.

When we return in November 2013, the French pupils will be in the upper class at primary school (CM2). We will meet the children and share our impressions on the various ways of life across the world, and we will see that in order to ensure a sustainable development, we need to think on a global scale.

Please take your time to browse through our website!

You can also find us on our Facebook page!

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