Promote sustainable development

Our goal is to act as messengers between the western culture and the more traditional societies, since both can learn from each other.

Child helping Vincent videotape, Kirghizstan, 2010

The topic of sustainable development is very dear to us. We believe it is important to educate people in our western world about the flaws of mass consumption, while encouraging people in developing countries, who often envy our way of life, to take care of their environment.

In many of the more traditional societies sustainable development has been practiced for centuries and people have learned to live in “harmony” with their environment. We would like to encounter those people and carry with us their vision as a message towards people back home. Indeed in western societies, whose economy is based on an intense use of resources and mass consumption, people have lost this connectedness with the environment.

Coke reaches the isolated parts of Tibet, 2009

We also believe that we, people from the West, can share our experience with the people from emerging countries, who often envy our way of life, by sensitizing them to environmental issues caused by our mass consumption society. We hope to help them realize that development should not lead to destruction of the environment, and encourage them not to reproduce our mistakes. Especially we would like to sensitize the people we will meet during our journey about problems like waste disposal and water resources.

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  1. mohamed

    I think you are right because invironment is more important
    thank you so much for your valuable information

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