Partnerships with schools

Our project will take place over three years, from January 2012 until December 2014.

Before our trip: January – August 2012

In January we contacted several primary schools in our community close to Marseille in Southern France. Three schools were interested in our project, one in Ensuès la Redonne (our hometown) and two in Sausset les Pins, i.e. more than 500 pupils.

Together with the school directors and teachers we have defined a timeline of activities related to Sustainable Development. Several enterprises / association working in the field of water, recycling and the environment are also offering their support.

Activities and workshops are scheduled for the first two weeks of June 2012 and will be aimed at Grade 3 children (age 8). Each topic will be treated theoretically and then put in practice by visits and activities outside school.

School activities will be videotaped and before our departure we will edit a movie which we will take with us on our trip. Summer time will be dedicated to the final preparations.

Water Issues

The Société des Eaux de Marseille (water supplier and waste water manager for Marseille, 2nd biggest city in France) will organize a presentation on water issues, which will be followed by the visit of the Waste Water Treatment Plant of Chateauneuf les Martigues and of the Biotechna Compost Centre of Ensuès la Redonne.

Protection of the environment

A representative of the AIEJE (our local Association for an Environmental Education of the Youth) will run a workshop on the protection of the environment. This will be completed by a cleaning operation of the scrubland around schools, so that children can actively contribute towards a clean and green environment.


A  Waste Segregation Representative from Marseille Provence Métropole (the waste management society of Marseille) will come for a presentation on sorting and recycling waste. This will be followed by the visit of the Recycling Plant of Ensuès la Redonne.
We will also participate to the kermesse of Ensuès la Redonne (school fair taking place at the end of each scholar year, 700 visitors expected) and organize play activities on the topic of waste recycling: a giant goose game will be supplied by the Société des Eaux de Marseille Environnement.

Round the world trip: September 2012 – November 2013

Actions towards French school children

Angélique with school girls, Nepal, 2004

During our bicycle trip, the French pupils now in Grade 4 will follow our journey: we will send them a newsletter on a regular basis which will describe the life of the people and children we meet. The kids in France will therefore be able to compare their way of life with that of children living in culturally and geographically diverse environments.

This experience will also give them the opportunity to enhance their knowledge in geography (via the countries we will visit), in history (who are the Incas? what is the Silk Road?), in math (how many kilometres have they pedalled so far?), and will arouse their interest for foreign languages.

Actions towards school children abroad

Children in developing countries often envy our way of life. We will use the teaching material supplied by the AIEJE in order to educate them to the environmental issues created by our mass consumption society.

We will also show them the movie made with the French pupils: we plan to split the classes in small groups and show them the film on the netbook we will take with us.

After our trip: November 2013 – December 2014

Sharing our experience with French school children

When we return in November 2013, we will meet the French pupils now in Grade 5 with a presentation (photo / video) of our journey, they will be able ask us questions and share their impressions.

This will enable the children to gradually realize that we live in a developed society, and that France is often a model for people in less developed countries. However this model, based on an intense use of resources (oil, mass consumption etc…) is not sustainable if we think on a global scale. Our goal will be to encourage those future adults to “think globally to act locally”.

Sharing our experience with a wider audience

We will further share our experience by organising photo exhibitions and lectures in the cities associated to our project, and will participate to Travel and Adventure Festivals in France.

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